Donations,  via Postal Mail


You do not have to be a member of the Tri-States Amateur Radio Club (TSARC) to make a donation.  Donations are welcomed to help us offset costs that we incur.

To help you understand how your donation will be used and can help, see below what club funds (dues and / or donations) are used for and what we are able to accomplish with them.

Please note that we are a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.  The IRS does grant tax deductions to those who contribute and/or donate to such organizations, but there are limitations.  Your membership may be tax deductible, and your PayPal receipt will serve as your documentation.  However, you will need to check with your tax preparation expert to see if you qualify.

Please understand that this is not an all inclusive list, new opportunities arise often.

  • Maintain club equipment such as repeaters, duplexers, feed lines, antennas, at tower sites
  • Tower climbers, insurance costs for lightning, theft and liability
  • Help the community out when needed
  • Help club members out when needed
  • Put on events such as Annual Christmas Dinner, Field Days, etc
  • Costs associated with a no cost Christmas dinner every year
  • Awards, prizes, etc through out the year
  • Costs associated with testing through out the year
  • Rehab of donated equipment, ie the tower trailer
  • Website, domain name, email, etc costs
  • Donations for services provided to us at no cost
  • Purchase of equipment for club use
  • Purchase of equipment to be used during times of need
  • Costs associated with free memberships through out the year
  • Costs associated with testing “scholarships”
  • Banking fees
  • Accounting costs
  • Federal, State and local government costs

You can mail a donation or you may bring it to any club meeting and pay by check or cash.  Please do NOT send cash by mail, we are not responsible for cash that is not handed directly to our Treasurer.

If you donate by check (please do not send cash by postal mail), and you would like your donation to either be ear-marked for a specific purpose or for it to be announced as an anonymous donation, please include any directions on how to handle the donation by including directions in writing with your check, sending an email to our Treasurer via the contact form , otherwise the donation will go toward our general fund.

Our mailing address is:

Tri-States Amateur Radio Club
1033 Scenic Hwy
Lookout Mtn, GA 30750