DMR systems provided for our local HAMs.

  • W4EDP 444.7125, Coverage for Chattanooga and South (Provided by W4EDP)
  • W4PL 444.150, Coverage for Chattanooga and North (Provided by K4VCM)

The W4EDP 444.7125 system atop Lookout Mountain covers Chattanooga and south. The W4PL 444.150 system located atop Signal Mountain covers Chattanooga and north. Both systems are members of the Brandmeister System and are identical in what they carry and have access to.

Another unique feature is that the Local TG2 on both repeaters is clustered so that no matter which repeater you’re on, if your local you’ll be heard on the other repeater as well!

Feel free to link up any TG of your liking. As with any repeater system, be polite and make sure no one is using the TG first… then enjoy! After a period of RF input activity, the system will automatically unlink all TGs except 3100 on TS1.

DMR-MARC has stopped registration for Users and Repeaters.  To register and obtain a CCS7 ID, go to

Code Plugs for these DMR systems

You can download a Code Plug for both the W4EDP & W4PL systems above from the following:

  • TYT/Tytera 380 & 390’s and the Retevis RT3 series from here.
  • Connect Systems CS800 from here.

Link to a Talkgroup

BrandMeister allows linking to any talkgroup simply by setting that talkgroup number as the “TX Contact” for a channel. This is done by programing a channel for the repeater you want to use with the “TX Contact” set to the desired talkgroup number. You can then use the channel as you would any other channel for that repeater.


  • Add talkgroup to the Contact List (if not already there)
  • Program channel with TX Contact set to talkgroup number
  • Use channel for QSO

This is the preferred way to link to a talkgroup you use regularly, as this programs it as a channel in your codeplug.

Link to a Repeater

BrandMeister supports “Reflectors”, which is the easiest way to link the local repeater to a remote destination. All activity is on TG 9, TS 2


  • Use “REF LINK” channel TG 9, TS 2)
  • Enter reflector number from keypad as a “Private Call”
  • PTT to link
  • Enter “4000” from keypad as a “Private Call” to unlink
  • Enter “5000” from keypad as a “Private Call” for status .


Dashboard / Status Pages for DMR Systems