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The TSARC BUY-SELL-TRADE-WANTED site is a place for club members to list anything that is HAM Radio related that they want to sell or trade, or  something that they want to buy.

Listings may be placed here by TSARC club members only, however anyone that finds this page is certainly welcomed to purchase anything listed here!  The page is broken down in sections for items that are for sale, items that are for trade and items that members are looking for.

To list an item(s), use the Contact Form to send the following information:

  1. Item manufacturer/make and model information.
  2. A picture or multiple pictures of the item.  Let us know if you have pictures, we will contact you.
  3. Asking price.  Is it negotiable?
  4. Are you willing to trade, yes or no?
  5. Contact information.  Is your information correct/up to date on QRZ?
  6. Delivery information.  Will it be shipped, can it be picked up, etc?

** CB equipment and computer equipment are not considered HAM Radio equipment, therefor it will not be allowed to be listed and/or sold here.

** Please be advised that by submitting anything to be listed here, you authorize The TSARC the right to list those items including your contact information, as well we may refuse to list any items for any reason that The TSARC deems inappropriate.  The final decision is The TSARCs and is final.  By submitting anything, you agree to this and the terms listed below.

  • The TSARC makes no guarantee whatsoever regarding the identity or the authenticity of any member who posts items for sale here.
  • The TSARC does not provide a warranty and/or satisfaction guarantee of any kind whatsoever on any merchandise sold here, stated, implied or any other manner.
  • The TSARC may not be held liable or responsible in any way whatsoever, for any transaction that takes place between the participants of this site, member or otherwise.
  • The TSARC, if put in a position, will respond to and cooperate with law enforcement if requested  or ordered to by any legal official or entity.
  • Payment, Shipping, etc,  is strictly between the buyer and the seller. The TSARC can not and will not become involved in any processes and/or issues that may arise.
  • The TSARC does not take fees, percentages, or any other type of revenue of any kind, from the sale of any merchandise listed here.

—=== Items / Equipment For SALE ===—

  • I have for sale a nice fully functioning, newest software Elecraft KPA500 Solid State Amplifier and KAT500 Autotuner with cables and manuals.  I do not have the shipping boxes.  I am the second owner of this equipment and it is my backup amplifier/tuner. It is currently wired for 120 volts AC but can easily be changed to 240 volts AC. The amp/tuner have not been around any smokers but my cat may have brushed against it, although she never uses an amp as she prefers to operate barefooted. This amp is a bulletproof solid state 500 watt amp that will interface with most brands of transceivers. The KAT500 Autotuner handles 500 watts at up to 10:1 SWR and up to 1000 watts at a max of 3:1 SWR.The amplifier and autotuner cover all bands 160 through 6 meters.  I am asking $2500 for the KPA500 and KAT500 together.  I will not sell them separate and I will not ship them. I will meet you within 50 miles of Chattanooga in a public place and will only take cash.  Pictures available on request. – Contact Ray Lewis at QRZ email (listed 20231212)


  • Yaesu FT-2D Handheld plus drop in desk charger and hand mic – $200 (listed 09-29-2023)  Contact Rich at 423-987-1536(sold 10-07-2023)
  • Yaesu FT-710 AESS with Matching Speaker – $900 (listed 09-25-2023) (sold 09-27-2023)
  • Yaesu FT-991A with Matching Speaker and Extra DTMF Mic – $1000 (listed 09-25-2023) (sold 09-28-2023)
  • Yaesu FTM-6000 2m/70cm – $225 (listed 09-25-2023) (sold 09-28-2023)
  • Icom 2730A – $250 (listed 09-25-2023) (sold 09-27-2023)
  • Kenwood TM-D710GA – $800 (This is a radio that is no longer available, very useful for Winlink & packet.  Has GPS, TNC, APRS and Echolink built in) (listed 09-25-2023) (sold 09-29-2023)

All of the above have power pole connections, equipment has original boxes and is almost new… most used 2 or 3 times and then boxed back up.  Contact Wes at 706-264-0191 for more info.

—=== Items / Equipment For TRADE ===—

  • No items currently listed – Check back often!

—=== Items / Equipment WANTED ===—

  • No items currently listed – Check back often!

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