Christmas Dinner Needs and Haves

2020 TSARC Christmas Dinner – Needs and Haves

Members, if you are attending, you must let us know what you are bringing, ┬áThis is very important so that we a) have everything we need and b) don’t end up with 14 Potato Salads!


Items we need (non-food)

Cleaning Supplies

Generic cleaning supplies to be used after the dinner is complete to clean up the facility
Hand Sanitizer
Trash Bags – Matt/Delia Holleman (N9MJH)

Disposable items such as:

Disposable Cups – Jack/Rodena Thompson (N5UOV/KM4MQO)
Paper Napkins – Emmett/Terri Perdue (W4EDP/N9ZEN)
Paper Plates (sturdy) – Emmett/Terri Perdue (W4EDP/N9ZEN)
Paper Towels – Emmett/Terri Perdue (W4EDP/N9ZEN)
Plastic Utensils – Melinda/Joe Birchfiled (KN9W/KC4CCL)

Food Dishes and Desserts

  • It is acceptable for more than 1 person to bring the same dish or dessert, but we also want a broad variety of dishes. ┬áRecipes vary and we want to have enough.
  • Please bring a serving utensil & mark your items you want returned.

Food Dishes

Baked Beans – Rick/Brenda Wright (KI4P)
Chicken and Dressing – Buddy/Yvonne Case (KS4QA)
Chicken Casserole – Jeff/Christine Fitzpatrick (N2YYP/KI4FTP)
Cornbread – Steve/Glenda Bean (KN4GZZ)
Dressing – Tony/Cheryl Hughes (W4TDH)
Green Beans – – Jeff/Christine Fitzpatrick (N2YYP/KI4FTP)
Low Sodium Early Peas – Jack/Rodena Thompson (N5UOV/KM4MQO)
Low Sodium Whole Jernal Corn – Jack/Rodena Thompson (N5UOV/KM4MQO)
Mac and Cheese – Milo/Brenda Jackson (W4MLO)
Ole Rotten Taters – Steve/Glenda Bean (KN4GZZ)
Pinto Beans – Steve/Glenda Bean (KN4GZZ)
Potato Salad, Brenda’s “Almost Famous” – Milo/Brenda Jackson (W4MLO)
Sweet Potato Casserole – Melinda/Joe Birchfiled (KN9W/KC4CCL)



Apple Pie – Steve/Glenda Bean (KN4GZZ)
Brownies – John Law (KB4QXI)
Carrot Cake – Tony/Cheryl Hughes (W4TDH)
Chocolate Eclair Cake – Matt/Delia Holleman (N9MJH)
Unknown Pie – – Jeff/Christine Fitzpatrick (N2YYP/KI4FTP)



Items such as: (that may be needed, unused portions of these items will be returned)

Ketchup – Jack/Rodena Thompson (N5UOV/KM4MQO)
Lemons and/or Limes
Mayonnaise – Jack/Rodena Thompson (N5UOV/KM4MQO)
Mustard – Jack/Rodena Thompson (N5UOV/KM4MQO)
Pepper – Jack/Rodena Thompson (N5UOV/KM4MQO)
Salt – Jack/Rodena Thompson (N5UOV/KM4MQO)
Salt Substitute – Jack/Rodena Thompson (N5UOV/KM4MQO)
Sugar (real and alternate sweeteners)
Various Sauces

Any other condiments that you do not see listed that you would like or that you feel like someone else might want.
























Bean, Steve & Glenda – KN4GZZ, 2
Birchfield, Joe & Melinda – KN9W, KC4CCL, 2
Case, Buddy & Yvonne – KS4QA, 2
Fitzpatrick, Jeff & Christine – N2YYP, KI4FTP, 2
Gifford, Jim & Shorty – KM4MPF, 2
Holleman, Matt & Delia – N9MJH, 2
Hughes, Tony & Cheryl – W4TDH, 4
Jackson, Milo & Brenda – W4MLO, 2
Juhasz, Larry & Taunia – KM4MPG, KM4UMI, 2
Law, John – KB4QXI, 1
Perdue, Emmett & Terri – W4EDP, N9ZEN, 2
Thompson, Jack & Rodena – N5UOV,KM4MQO, 2
Wright, Rick & Brenda – KI4P, 2

Total to date (20201130-0958): 27